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Responsibility is reflected in actions

Although we are a supplier, we do not want any useless merchandise in the world. Only printing branded products based on our customers’ genuine needs is at the heart of our operations. Our customers don’t have to order 50 T-shirts from us, if they only need five. This also means that our customers’ premises will never be full of products with outdated logos, which would be expensive and arduous to dispose of.

We are a carbon neutral company

We have determined the carbon emissions caused by our company in 2020 and 2021 in collaboration with Nordic Offset Oy. The calculation was conducted according to international greenhouse emission protocol and it took into account for instance energy consumption, logistics, material procurement and waste management.

We compensate for the emissions caused by our own operations. In addition, we compensate the emissions created by our own KAJO-brand based on the materials used in manufacturing and transport distances. Our carbon offsetting is carried out by Nordic Offset Oy by acquiring CO2 Removal Certificates from two projects:

1) A Gold Standard certified reforestation project in Ethiopia

2)’s certified carbon sequestration for wood construction in Finland

We are committed to decreasing our impact on the environment. We will continue calculating our emissions and planning actions to reduce our emissions annually based on our calculations for 2020.

A well-planned product range supports your company’s goals.

You will find all major Finnish and international brands in our product range, as well as a selection of intangible gifts.
We design a product range that best suits your company’s values and goals.