Make a lasting impression

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Paying attention to people increases your brand’s value

We offer all solutions and services for you to make a positive impression on all key stakeholders of your organisation. Sustainably, easily and cost-efficiently.
Online shop solutions for gifts and rewards, high-quality branded products, digital gift cards – find your organisation’s way of making a lasting impression.

Online Stores

Building an online shop is easy when the groundwork – the software – is well-designed and user-friendly.

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HR Gifts

We can help you build a personalised shop platform with your brand visuals for giving gifts and motivating your employees.

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Company Brand Products

Show your company logo and visuals on products.

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Reward Shops

Show gratitude to your customers, salespersons and retailers with a digital rewards system.

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Perfect Finnish Gift Card

The secrets of the perfect gift card are the broadest gift selection on the market, easy access, and fast and reliable delivery.

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Product Design

Our design service can help you if you wish to design a collection to celebrate your company’s anniversary or delight your personnel with a unique product designed for your company.

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Responsibility is reflected in actions

Although we are a supplier, we do not want any useless merchandise in the world. Only printing branded products based on our customers’ genuine needs is at the heart of our operations. Our customers don’t have to order 50 T-shirts from us, if they only need five. This also means that our customers’ premises will never be full of products with outdated logos, which would be expensive and arduous to dispose of.