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Show your company logo and visuals on products.

Our advanced printing methods allow you to show your company brand and visuals on almost any material or surface. Thanks to our Print On Demand service, we can print products only as they are needed: as our online shop customer, you do not need to commit any equity to the product range, because every single product is printed at our own printing facility after the order is placed. We will also take care of storing the products for you.

Advanced and familiar labeling methods

Innoflame uses modern and contemporary labeling methods for different products and needs.

Our labeling facilities are located in the same premises as our warehouses, so there is no need to transport products for labeling. This saves time, costs, and the environment.

Laser engraving
UV printing
Pad printing
Sublimation printing

Screen printing

Digital printing
Flatbed printing
Transfer decal printing
Emblem production

We only label based on actual need

Our Print On Demand service means that we only label products based on our client’s genuine needs. Our customers don’t need to commit any capital to the product range, as each product is labeled only upon order in our facilities in Pori and Tampere. Customers have access to a wide range of products at no additional cost. We also store the products on your behalf.

High-quality workwear

We also design and produce company workwear. We have extensive experience of both light and heavy workwear. The workwear is ordered from the customer’s personalised online shop. Our unique Print On Demand service allows you to order workwear to meet your actual needs, even a few pieces at a time. The products are printed in Finland.

Innoflame since 1996

We have almost 30 years of experience of the design, production, printing and logistics of corporate brand products. Our regional key account managers offer their expertise to our corporate customers. Contact the key account manager in your region – we’ll find the best solutions for your company.

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