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Three different kinds of online stores

Your own online shop enables printing your products to order. This means that you can order for example just one product from your online shop without extra costs.

Building an online shop is straightforward, because the groundwork, i.e. the software, is well-designed and user friendly. We offer four different software solutions for online shops.


Your own internal online store

This is our most popular e-commerce solution. With it, you can order and manage staff anniversary and service milestone gifts, branded merchandise, and workwear. Typically, an internal online store has 1–2 main users who oversee the product range in collaboration with our customer manager. The actual users of the online store are the purchasers who independently place orders according to the company’s needs.

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Your company’s branded merchandise sales channel

If your own branded products are of interest to consumers as well, you can establish an open online store specifically for your products. For example, Hartwall’s Long Drink products have been extremely popular. Products are securely paid for with credit cards or online banking, and they are shipped directly to customers from our warehouse.

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An agile incentive system

GoGive is an incentive system where customers, loyal customers, salespeople, or other employees earn points that they can redeem for products from an online store based on a specific points threshold. The program is used, for example, by many trade unions in reward schemes related to acquiring members, as well as by organizations as a sales incentive system. It also adapts well to rewarding loyal customers. The system displays the rewards that a person’s points qualify them for, keeping active incentives visible.

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Your job is only to:


Tell us about your needs – what do you want to use the online shop for?


Deliver your logo and color guidance for designing the visual image and printing


Plan the product range together with our salesperson


Select 1–2 main users from your company and determine which employees will have user rights


Place an order


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