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The reward shop encourages consolidating

Innoflame’s unique digital reward system, aka the Reward Shop offers an agile way to reward loyal customers.

With your own Reward Shop you encourage customers to concentrate their purchases with your company. Your customers receive points for their purchases, which they can use in the Reward Shop.

Here’s how the Reward Shop works


Your customers earn points based on their purchases. Your only task, with assistance from Innoflame’s sales staff, is to set the point level, i.e., decide how many points transactions merit. For instance, a 1000-euro purchase could earn points worth 10 euros.


Loyal customers choose their reward from a wide selection in the rewards store.


The reward is taxable income for the loyal customer. Innoflame reports this information to the tax authorities and ensures that personal data is deleted in accordance with data protection regulations.


Innoflame delivers the selected reward to the designated address.

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